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Environmental work - an important part of Svensk Bilsport

Environmental work - an important part of Svensk Bilsport The car has a more than a hundred years history. It meant a big positive change for large parts of the population in many countries. So also in Sweden. The car created the conditions for greater mobility and was perceived to provide increased freedom for the individual persons. In the 1960s, however, the car began to be questioned, mainly from an environmental point of view. It went so far that the car became a form of symbol of environmental pollution regardless of whether the car contributed to all the environmental impact it was alleged to cause or not. Gunnar Elmgren who took up the position as Federal Director in 1990 for the Swedish Car Sports Association raised the question of how we should handle the environmental issues and that the car sport was questioned because of the car as a negative environmental symbol. When choosing between just defending the car's existence and doing something about it, the union chose to decide on the environmental issues and to introduce an environmental policy. The environmental policy has meant that car sports for almost two decades have had environmental issues as an important part of the development of the business. Therefore, we now have an environmental committee and a movement that actively works with environmental issues and the future of car sports as an environmental thinking organization.

Swedish car sports association's environmental policy

  • The Swedish Car Sports Federation's activities must be characterized by consideration for the environment and strive for a long-term sustainable society.

  • The business should also be characterized by openness to actively contribute to a technological development in the signs of the environment.   

  • Asarum's MS and Olofströms MK, and its members, undertake to comply with the Swedish Car Sports Federation's environmental policy and to disseminate this knowledge.     

  • Car sports practitioners, officials and other contributors undertake to show respect for the common environment in all activities.     

  • use fuels that ultimately minimize the impact on the environment.     

  • adapt and limit the sound of vehicles and facilities so that operations can also be conducted in areas close to the community.     

  • always minimize the environmental impact in the surrounding operations.     

  • handles environmentally-friendly with all materials such as fuels, oils and other liquids as well as batteries and worn-out car parts.     

  • after training and competition leave the used equipment at the intended location, prevent environmental accidents

  • The Swedish Car Sport Federation undertakes to in the case of regulations, we consider environmental aspects   

  • participate actively in the technological development for environmentally better vehicles (eg introduced catalyst also for older racing cars).     

  • through education and environmental certification increase the environmental commitment of practitioners, functionaries and other participants.     

  • actively work on issues in environmental areas that can be of importance for car sport practitioners and participate in society's environmental debate.   

  • have a purchasing policy that states that you actively choose ecolabelled and make a compilation of the ecolabelled goods and services you purchased.

Planning the security

work ahead of a rally competition is extremely important, of course the size of the competition determines much of the scope and level of safety work, but regardless of this, a thorough planning is required before any accident has occurred.

It is also the case that you do not follow the rules and regulations that exist, and an accident occurs, you can be held responsible for this as a competition leader and organizer.


A safety work on a rally competition includes a variety of things.

Most of the safety work is not the race track itself but all around around such as the identification and marking of dangerous places for audiences, signs and barriers etc.


Safety plan

There must be a security plan for each competition. This is preferably established by the security manager. In this, it should be described how to act in the event of an accident during the competition. Detailed instructions should be provided to each official. Action plan when stopping competition To the safety plan there must also be an action plan that describes how to do if part of or a whole competition must be stopped.

Crisis Plan

Should there be a more severe personal injury that is linked to the event, there must be a crisis plan for this. There must be a crisis management group (POSOM group) in each municipality that can help on these occasions. This will contact the competition. A crisis group within the competition management must also be organized which deals with these cases when the competition must be stopped in the event of more difficult accident that connected to the event.


Security Map

A special safety map must be produced. On this, any alarm routes should be excellent. Each intended alarm path must be numbered on the security map. Misunderstandings must be excluded in the event of an alarm. At each alarm road there must be a functioning one radio connection. Safety maps should be of very good quality. The maps should be available at the competition management, stretch officials, radio communication, alarm centers, police, ambulance and fire stations in the area. Connection Functional safety requires a functioning co-operation band. The connection must be between each start of the stretch and goals and to the competition secretariat. As a security connection, the radio or the fixed telephone network applies. Mobile phone is not allowed as it cannot be said with certainty that coverage available on the race day.


Medical Emergency

Our competition will be followed by an ambulance rented from the County Council, which only follows the competition. 3 specially equipped Rescuebiler with firefighters and cutting

tools in the competition. At the start of each special stretch, there will be at least one healthcare professional. (Red Cross staff)

Fire preparedness At each start and finish on special stretch and especially hazardous places, service area and tank zone or the like should be mine. 6 kg powder or carbon dioxide extinguisher.


Tracking of contestants The racing cars and rescue vehicles are equipped with a GPS unit that is followed from HQ to be able to follow these where they are, etc. The radio connection reports cars that pass all start & finish.


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